b'Flavors of America CollectionTasty fruit & vegetable varietiesfrom the farm to your pooch.HWheat, Corn & Soy FREE! HChewy Texture HMade with either Fish Oil or Coconut OilCranberry N Carrot FlavorHeart healthy! Item # 46300UPC 7674514630057.0 oz.OatmealN Blueberry FlavorMmm.mmm.good!Item # 46000UPC 7674514600047.0 oz.Peanut ButterN Banana FlavorElvis would approve!Item # 46100UPC 7674514610017.0 oz.Sweet Potato FlavorSweet potato pie! Item # 46200UPC 7674514620087.0 oz.5 American treats with natural ingredients.exclusivelypet.com To contact: 414-365-2933info@exclusivelypet.com'