b'TRAINING TREATSMiniature treats to entice your pup to do anything! HChewy TextureHWheat, Corn & Soy FREE! HChewy Texture HContains Real Chicken sourced from the U.S.A.Cheese FlavorNo crackers needed.Item # 51000UPC 767451510006 7.0 oz.Savory Chicken FlavorHot out of the oven! Item # 51100UPC 7674515110037.0 oz.Bacon Apple FlavorA breakfast treat.Item # 51200UPC 7674515120007.0 oz.Peanut Butter Flavor Makes everythingpeanut better.Item # 51300UPC 7674515130077.0 oz.American treats with natural ingredients.exclusivelypet.com To contact: 414-365-2933info@exclusivelypet.com'