b'Best Budy Bi ulk Treats5.5 o ts BMade with 100% Human Grade and Kosher Ingredients.Cheese FlavorGive me cheese, please!Item # 44100UPC 767451441003 5.5 oz.; 15 lb. bulk box availableChicken FlavorTastes like chicken! Item # 44200UPC 7674514420005.5 oz.; 15 lb. bulk box availablePeanut Butter FlavorChock-full of peanut butter. Item # 44300UPC 767451443007 5.5 oz.; 15 lb. bulk box availableBeef & Liver FlavorA carnivores treat without the meat!Item # 44400UPC 7674514440045.5 oz.11 American treats with natural ingredients.exclusivelypet.com To contact: 414-365-2933info@exclusivelypet.com'