b'S an h Crmes Best Buddy BonesdwcMade with 100% Human Grade and Kosher Ingredients.Carob FlavorLooks like the famous cookie that starts with an O. This one is for your dog.Item # 02000UPC 7674510200008.0 oz. Smores FlavorA combination of graham, carob and marshmallow flavorsstraight from the camp fire. Item # 02300 UPC 7674510230018.0 oz.Vanilla FlavorClassy n creamy. Item # 02500UPC 7674510250058.0 oz.Peanut Butter FlavorPeanut butter sandwich time! Item # 03500 UPC 7674510350048.0 oz.Carob and Vanilla Flavor (Duplex)The best of both.carob and vanilla combined.Item # 03600 UPC 7674510360018.0 oz.14 lb. bulk box available.American treats with natural ingredients.exclusivelypet.com To contact: 414-365-2933info@exclusivelypet.com'