b'S an h Crmes Best Buddy BonesdwcMade with 100% Human Grade and Kosher Ingredients.Cheese FlavorBetter than cheddar! Item # 44700UPC 767451447005 5.5 oz.15 lb. bulk box available.Chicken FlavorA taste to crow about!Item # 44800UPC 767451448002 5.5 oz.15 lb. bulk box available.Peanut Butter FlavorCrunchy, not creamy.Item# 44900UPC 7674514490095.5 oz.15 lb. bulk box available.Beef & Liver FlavorHot off the grill!Item# 45000UPC 767451450005 5.5 oz.15 lb. bulk box available.American treats with natural ingredients.exclusivelypet.com To contact: 414-365-2933info@exclusivelypet.com'