New Year, New Pooch!

For Pet Parents who have made the resolution to help their dog eat better, get more exercise or training their dog, now is the perfect time to get into new habits. January also marks National Train Your Dog Month & Walk your Dog Month!


Here are some training and exercise tips for your dog!

1. For new pet parents, or beginners to dog training – it’s always a great idea to take an obedience class to learn the basics. Your local shelter or pet store should provide great training classes!

2. Training & Exercising your dog shouldn’t be a chore – Play games so it’s fun for both you and your dog! Find 5 easy games here.

3. Take multiple short walks during the day to help your dog get exercise and get used the the environment. Shorter walks are great while training your dog to heel and walk calmly beside you. Here are some great heeling tips.

4. Socialization is very important for your dog to be comfortable around new people, dogs and places (like the vet!) It helps your dog become a happy well behaved pup! It’s great to start this as puppies but adult dogs can learn or freshen up their skills!

5. Food is the #1 motivator for most dogs, but make sure you are feeding your dog healthy low calorie treats during training sessions! The best treats for this are training treats, jerky treats, peanut butter or cheese flavored treats. No matter what kind of treats you are using, make sure they are pea-sized or smaller, so your dog doesn’t get too full.


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7. This may sounds strange, but there is a correct way to give treats while training. Learning this trick while training can sure help you out! Here’s the facts.

Let us know what you are doing this year for your dog’s New Year’s resolution in the comments!

Yappy New Year!