Frequently Asked Questions

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How much should I feed my pet?

This of course, depends on many factors like the size of your dog, weight, amount of daily exercise, diet, etc. Use this as a general guideline for daily feeding.

Do any of your products contain meat or meat by-products?

The “Exclusively Dog Cookies” brand does not contain meat.  All of the meat-flavored treats are flavored with an ingredient derived from plants.  The only treats that do contain meat are the “Exclusively Dog” Jerkeez, NY Style Pizza, Tex Mex Chicken Taco, Training Treats (besides the Peanut Butter flavor), Meatloaf Slices, Sausage Bits, Smokey Sticks, Turkey Time and 3oz Jumbo dog bones (Chicken and Salmon & Mango flavors only).

Are all your products Kosher certified?

The “Exclusively Dog Cookies” brand is certified Kosher.

Are all your products made in the U.S.A?

Yes. Everything is made in the U.S.A, even the packaging!

My spouse/child just ate a cookie. Is it safe?

We don’t advise people to eat our cookies because they are for your dog and he might get jealous. However, there is no risk or harm in eating them. They are all made with natural, kosher ingredients. No animal parts and by-products.

Are there date codes on the packages and how do you read it?

Yes, there are “Best By” dates on all packages showing the month, date, and year.  For example 06 03 10 means it is best if used by June 3, 2010. Depending on the type of product you have, it may be dated on the back side, bottom, or top of the package.

After giving your cookies to my dog, he will no longer eat any other treat. What should I do?

Your dog knows what’s good. The answer is…get more Cookies!