Exclusively Dog End-Cap Display

Holds 96 packages of product.

ITEM: 09020D
UPC: 7-67451-09020-1
DISPLAY DIMENSIONS: 73″H x 23.5″W x 16″D Features & Benefits:

  • Holds up to 96 packages.
  • Organizes a variety of skus.
  • Easy to maintain and stock.
  • Durable wood construction with 16 metal hooks and one wooden shelf.
  • Minimal floor space required.
  • Styrene (plastic) graphics (one header, two side panels).
  • 3 piece unit – easy assembly.
  • Display ships in one box. Product shipped separately.

Here’s the deal!
Buy 10 cases of product and receive this display for FREE!
(5 of the 10 cases (60 packages) MUST be an assortment of the following new items).
The remaining 5 cases can be any assortment of packaged products.

46000 12pkgs 7oz Harvest Blends – Oatmeal N’ Blueberry Flavor
46100 12pkgs 7oz Harvest Blends – Peanut Butter N’ Banana Flavor
46200 12pkgs 7oz Harvest Blends – Sweet Potato Flavor
47000 12pkgs 7oz Jerkeez – BBQ Chicken Flavor
47100 12pkgs 7oz Jerkeez – Pizza Flavor
47200 12pkgs 7oz Jerkeez – Taco Flavor
48000 12pkgs 7oz Lick-O-Rish Chews – Carob Flavor
48100 12pkgs 7oz Lick-O-Rish Chews – Cherry Flavor
48200 12pkgs 7oz Lick-O-Rish Chews – Strawberry Flavor
49000 12pkgs 7oz Smoochers Yogurt Drops – Vanilla Flavor
49100 12pkgs 7oz Smoochers Yogurt Drops – Banana Strawberry Flavor
49200 12pkgs 7oz Smoochers Yogurt Drops – Pumpkin Flavor
50000 12pkgs 7oz Fillet Stix – Zesty Dill Flavor
50100 12pkgs 7oz Fillet Stix – Tomato Herb Flavor
50200 12pkgs 7oz Fillet Stix – Honey Hickory Flavor