Hello all pet lovers! It is a New Year…which means New Year’s Resolutions!

One of the best resolutions for you and your dog is getting into shape and eating right! Get some motivation and lose a pound with your pooch! Exercise can include walking, playing, & training!

Is your dog eating right?

A great way to make sure your dog is eating right is to work with your vet to choose the best kind of food and feed your dog the correct amount specific to their needs. While monitoring food intake, you also need to continue to exercise your dog, even in winter weather.  In certain areas of the country, that can be easier said than done, so here are some tips:

How can I exercise with my pooch?

Here are some great ways you and your pooch can exercise together, indoors and out:

  1. Take a daily walk together! Use the app, Walk for a Dog on your smartphone every time you take your dog out. This not only tracks your walk, it’s also an
    easy way toTips-for-walking-dogs-in-the-cold-and-snow donate to your local animal shelter for each mile you and your dog walk! Learn more here!
  2. Begin teaching your dog advanced tricks like speak, stay, roll over & high five! This will mentally stimulate your dog and also provides a way for you to bond with your dog. Here’s 52 tricks to teach your dog here.
  3. Get new toys for your dog, especially brain games and puzzles! A treat dispensing toy is an easy way for your dog to interact and problem solve how to get treats out! Try this Muffin Tin treat guessing game you can make at home here.
  4. Play Tug-a-War together! Get a durable tug toy to play this mentally and physically draining game for you & your dog.
  5. Another good game to play is…Hide and Seek! Tell your dog to stay while you go hide, call them when you’re ready and praise them with treats and excitement when they find you.
  6. Use the stairs for a workout! Run up and down the stairs with your dog to both get exercise! For your dog only, try to play fetch up and down the stairs with your dog if they’re capable.
  7. Play tag with your dog! Grab another person and each of you have a handful of treats. One at a time, each person will call your dog and he will go back and forth between the two of you for treats! This not only tires out the dog from running back and forth, it will help train your dog to come when called.

Do you have any interesting ways you and your dog exercise together? Let us know by leaving a comment!

Should I reward my dog?

Of course! Dogs love any kind of treat and we give our dogs treats for many reasons: training, as a reward, as a snack or just because we can! Too many treats can lead to your dog becoming overweight, so it’s very important to monitor the amount and the kind of treats you choose. During winter, you may need to switch to a lower calorie treat.

Our Chewy Training Treats are made with all natural ingredients that are wheat, corn and soy free and have less than 3 calories per treat! We have 3 flavors: Bacon Apple, Chicken & Cheese. These are made with natural ingredients like real chicken, apples & herbs. Did your family get a new puppy over the holidays? Training Treats are a necessity while training a new puppy. These strong smelling treats will entice your dog and make it easy to teach them to sit, stay and learn how to walk on a leash with you. The earlier you start, the better your dog will behave!

Our training treats are intended for intermittent or supplemental feeding only.

Here is general guideline to follow of how many treats to give your dog each day
(Based on Dog Size):

Toy: 2-3 treats per day
Small/Medium: 3-5 treats per day
Large: 5-7 treats per day


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