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Happy Howl-o-ween!

Do you have a costume ready for your pet? We’ve narrowed it down to the BEST pet costumes we’ve ever seen for Howl-o-ween. We hope this inspires you to win those Costume Contests!



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Protecting Our Pets From the Sun

As responsible animal owners, we all know better than to leave a pet alone in a hot car, not even for one minute. But as temperatures begin to rise, there are a number of other hazards that come into play on a hot summer’s day. Everything from dehydration to suffering from a possible heat stroke, both are dangerous or even deadly for some animals.

cat in grass

Check your pet regularly for signs of them becoming overheated or are in need of more hydration. Keep in mind that elderly pets, younger animals and those with certain health conditions are at an increased risk. Watch for:

  • Excessive panting, salivating or drooling, which can stop and start again
  • Vocalizing for no apparent reason
  • Vomiting or diarrhea, which could be bloody
  • Weakness, being disorientated and lethargic
  • Difficulty rousing them or getting them awake
  • Elevated heart rate

Left untreated, your pet could develop seizures, collapse, lapse into a coma and in some cases, the condition could be fatal. If your animal is experiencing any of these symptoms, get them to a veterinarian immediately.

Scorching Surfaces

Sometime we may forget about the hot surfaces that our pets walk on during summertime, taking our dog out for a stroll or letting a cat out onto a patio or other outdoor area. Research has shown that contact temperature for a pet’s paws that can potentially cause injury are at:

  • 120℉ – this is the stage that becomes painful, but unlikely to cause permanent damage
  • 140℉ – burns, scarring and permanent damage can occur after just one minute
  • 150℉ – rapid blistering and burning are present

Exactly How Hot Is That Surface

Similar studies have shown when the exterior temperature reaches 95℉, sidewalks and concrete can reach 125℉, reaching and surpassing the threshold of pain. Red bricks heat up to 135℉ and black asphalt comes in at a scorching 140℉. Unless you’re going to be walking barefoot with them on these surfaces, minimally you should be at least checking the temperature with your hand before allowing your animal to walk on them.

Use the same precautions on sand when taking your animal to the park, a beach or other water-related arena that’s surrounded by sand or dirt, which can also heat up to unsafe temperatures. If they’re accompanying you poolside, or some type of cooling recreational area, be sure they have a blanket, towel or mat available for them to lie down in a shady location.

beach for amber

A Hairy Dilemma

Before you consider shaving or trimming your animal’s furry coat for relief from the summer sun, contact a veterinarian or professional groomer first. Some breeds are better left having their hair in place as a cooling method. Also, some animals with lighter colored coats and skin can be more susceptible to sunburn, especially if they’re trimmed to closely.

Soothing Solutions

Even pets are in danger of developing a painful sunburn and can benefit from the use of sunblock. If you’re having trouble locating a pet-friendly brand of sunblock, try one that’s recommended for use on children. Avoid those that contain zinc, as ingestion of this mineral can be harmful for pets.

When it comes to their skin care, many animals are bathed more often and become wet regularly during these hotter months. This can cause the natural oils on their skin to become depleted. Consider purchasing a specialty shampoo that can soothe their skin with ingredients like oatmeal.

Summer is a great time of the year to enjoy spending extra quality time with our pets. Be sure to keep an extra watchful eye on them when temperatures rise to ensure they’re happy and healthy.

Article written by freelance writer, Amber Kingsley. Amber is a pet lover and owner who has written several pet articles on many popular blogs and websites. Find her on Facebook!

Top Safety Tips To Keep Your Dog Safe At The Beach

The beach is a fun place for everyone to enjoy including your pet dog. Unfortunately, some owners don’t realize the possible dangers at the beach that can affect your pet. While it’s a great place to take your dog, all pet owners need to be on the lookout to ensure your pet doesn’t come in harm’s way. The following are the top tips that you can consider when it comes to keeping your pet safe at the beach.

Read on for Beach Safety Tips for your Dog:

beach dogSwimming – It’s important to remember that not all dogs can swim, no matter what anyone says. When taking your dog to the beach it’s important that you find some quiet water to introduce your dog to first before deciding to take them into deeper water. Never, under any circumstance, throw your dog into the water and expect them to swim. Instead allow them to walk in the waves with a long leash if you’re not confident of their swimming skills. The leash will help to stop them from entering the deeper waters. If your dog can swim, make sure you keep an eye on them when they’re in the water at all times. Hidden rips and large waves can sweep them out into the ocean in no time at all, so always be on guard.

Salty Water – Another way to keep your pet safe while at the beach is not letting them drink the salty ocean water. Too much salt, like in humans, can cause your pet’s health to deteriorate. Instead it’s best to bring your own water from home and a bowl to give your pet a drink. It’s always advisable to have a couple of bottles on hand to help reduce the risk of dehydration and heat stroke.


Life Vest – If you have the money, there are pet life vests that can be purchased to help keep your pet afloat if they do decide to enter the water. Life vests for pets work the same as they do for humans. They are generally brightly coloured and keep your pet floating, especially when they’re in trouble or swept out to sea.

ISS_2252_00717Sharp Objects – Before letting your pet off the leash it’s important to check for sharp objects and hidden dangers. Some beaches have shells, sharp rocks, jellyfish or coral which can injure your pet’s feet. Keep monitoring your pet and their body language to see whether they’re in pain during their beach trip. If so, they may have stepped on something. This also applies when swimming, check just under the water to see whether there are any hidden dangers that may be lurking and that may cause injury to your pet.

Have fun, but be safe!

Taking your pet to the beach is a great way to spend the day. Whether you have one or multiple dogs, always be on the lookout for some of the hidden dangers at the beach. So, when are you taking your pet dog to the beach?


Article written by Cecelia Casillas, co-authored by Martha Thomas.

About the author: Cecelia was born in Mexico, a country of vivid beauty and colourful people, Cecilia Casillas brings the passion of her country of birth into her current artistic work with pets. Cecilia has painted since childhood, and studied with Mexican painter Paul Achar and Chilean painter Carlos Arias. In 2014, she came to Melbourne to continue refining her artistic skills, and finishing her bachelor’s degree. Founding Colour Pet Studio in 2014 has allowed her to share her pet painting skills with people from all over the world. She now brings pet owners joy through her painting. Visit Colour Pet Studio at http://colourpetstudio.com.au

Overweight Pet? Read on for Exercise Tips

Summer is the perfect time to exercise your pet!

Overweight pets and pet obesity is on the rise, making it more important to keep our furry friends in shape. Freelance journalist, Amber Kingsley created a helpful infographic showing suggested activities for dogs and cats based on their breed. With options for both indoor and outdoor exercise, your pet will receive the physical and emotional exercise they need. The healthier your pet, the longer they will stay in your life. Read on to learn more!

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PetExercise (1)

Infographic provided by pet loving journalist, Amber Kingsley. Amber is a freelance journalist providing great animal content for many blogs and websites.  Follow her on Facebook!

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Happy New Year


Hello all pet lovers! It is a New Year…which means New Year’s Resolutions!

One of the best resolutions for you and your dog is getting into shape and eating right! Get some motivation and lose a pound with your pooch! Exercise can include walking, playing, & training!

Is your dog eating right?

A great way to make sure your dog is eating right is to work with your vet to choose the best kind of food and feed your dog the correct amount specific to their needs. While monitoring food intake, you also need to continue to exercise your dog, even in winter weather.  In certain areas of the country, that can be easier said than done, so here are some tips:

How can I exercise with my pooch?

Here are some great ways you and your pooch can exercise together, indoors and out:

  1. Take a daily walk together! Use the app, Walk for a Dog on your smartphone every time you take your dog out. This not only tracks your walk, it’s also an
    easy way toTips-for-walking-dogs-in-the-cold-and-snow donate to your local animal shelter for each mile you and your dog walk! Learn more here!
  2. Begin teaching your dog advanced tricks like speak, stay, roll over & high five! This will mentally stimulate your dog and also provides a way for you to bond with your dog. Here’s 52 tricks to teach your dog here.
  3. Get new toys for your dog, especially brain games and puzzles! A treat dispensing toy is an easy way for your dog to interact and problem solve how to get treats out! Try this Muffin Tin treat guessing game you can make at home here.
  4. Play Tug-a-War together! Get a durable tug toy to play this mentally and physically draining game for you & your dog.
  5. Another good game to play is…Hide and Seek! Tell your dog to stay while you go hide, call them when you’re ready and praise them with treats and excitement when they find you.
  6. Use the stairs for a workout! Run up and down the stairs with your dog to both get exercise! For your dog only, try to play fetch up and down the stairs with your dog if they’re capable.
  7. Play tag with your dog! Grab another person and each of you have a handful of treats. One at a time, each person will call your dog and he will go back and forth between the two of you for treats! This not only tires out the dog from running back and forth, it will help train your dog to come when called.

Do you have any interesting ways you and your dog exercise together? Let us know by leaving a comment!

Should I reward my dog?

Of course! Dogs love any kind of treat and we give our dogs treats for many reasons: training, as a reward, as a snack or just because we can! Too many treats can lead to your dog becoming overweight, so it’s very important to monitor the amount and the kind of treats you choose. During winter, you may need to switch to a lower calorie treat.

Our Chewy Training Treats are made with all natural ingredients that are wheat, corn and soy free and have less than 3 calories per treat! We have 3 flavors: Bacon Apple, Chicken & Cheese. These are made with natural ingredients like real chicken, apples & herbs. Did your family get a new puppy over the holidays? Training Treats are a necessity while training a new puppy. These strong smelling treats will entice your dog and make it easy to teach them to sit, stay and learn how to walk on a leash with you. The earlier you start, the better your dog will behave!

Our training treats are intended for intermittent or supplemental feeding only.

Here is general guideline to follow of how many treats to give your dog each day
(Based on Dog Size):

Toy: 2-3 treats per day
Small/Medium: 3-5 treats per day
Large: 5-7 treats per day


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Holiday Gift Guide for Pet Lovers

Here’s what we want for ourselves and our Fur-babies this holiday season!

Unique Custom Dog Tags

Personalize your own dog tags however you’d like from WowieGoods!il_570xN.862624132_cwbi

Each tag is individually hand-stamped so it can be just as unique as
you and your dog are! Get one for each of your dogs, or one for your dog and one for you.

This is the perfect give for both pet lovers and pets this holiday season. Since they are handmade, there is a 2 week lead time to have them made and shipped…so be sure to plan ahead for this gift.


Puppy Egg Mold

Puppy Mold


Create Puppy Shaped Sunny Side Up eggs!

We are in love with these cute egg molds! Perfect for all ages…Who wouldn’t want a puppy face egg for breakfast?! They also make the process of cooking sunny side up eggs easy, just crack and watch the face come alive.

Also available in Cat and Owl Shapes from Sur La Table for all animal lovers.



Squeakie Emojiz
emoji plush toys

These Squeakie Emojiz from ZippyPaws are on trend!

Your pups want to express themselves by playing with their own emojiz that we hoomans use everyday! You may need to purchase multiple for your dog’s good, bad and hungry days!

Let your pup get his squeak on!




Dog Snood




We here at Exclusively Pet love our scarfs and hats! Why shouldn’t your dog enjoy them too?

This festive Snood covers and protects both ear tips and necks from the chilly winter weather! This snood is the perfect way, to not only keep your pet warm, but get them into the Holiday Spirit!

See other designs at Day Dog Designs and Gold Paw Series.



Friendship Collars



We are diggin’ these friendship bracelets from Friendship Collars!

Buy a collar for your cat or dog and get a matching bracelet to show off your friendship! Tons of designs to please even the pickest friend.

These collars are durable and soft, made with Vegan leather!! It’s another way to bond with your dog and show off how much you love your fur-baby!







We love these interactive Toys that will keep your dog busy, especially while you are away!

This toy challenges the brain in fun and stimulating ways! It’s translucent so the treats are visible which keeps your pooch occupied until he manages to get the last treat.

These toys from Planet Dog will entice dogs to pounce, nudge, nose, and nibble to release the hidden reward.







One of the best grooming products that every pet owner needs! This is perfect for everyday grooming needs and even better in Spring to prevent all that shedded hair ending up on your couch…and clothes…and car seats. Well, you get the idea.

Perfect for all longhair & shorthair cats and dogs! Find the perfect FURminator for your pet here.

Also available at Groupon.com and Chewy.com!



Stylish Dog Bags



A stylish bag to store all your animal’s necessities.

Three cute designs to choose from, these bags are perfect for home storage or when you’re on the go with your pup!

The edge can be folded to reduce the height of the bag and reveal a different color or pattern, perfect to throw toys into!

Get your sylish bag at Goodies!




Wine that Makes a Difference



The labels on these wine bottles feature homeless shelter dogs! The wines alone are hard to choose from, but choosing between the featured dogs is even more difficult!

Chateau La Paws supports all no-kill shelters and each bottle of wine supports their cause:
“Keep dogs cared for and happy until they become members of their new families.”

A great gift for the wine connoisseur and animals lovers everywhere!




NFL Vests



You watch the game on Sunday with your pup, right? Show off their team spirit AND keep them warm this winter season!

Vests, harnesses and hoodies available for all sizes of dogs and all football teams at HipDoggie!





Perfect Pooch Pack




We can’t forget the Perfect Pooch Gift Pack filled with a variety of treats perfect for you dog this holiday season!

Perfect as a gift for all dog lovers and their dogs! Festive box doesn’t need any wrapping which makes it one of the easiest gifts to give this holiday season!

Available for purchase at Amazon, Groupon, Zulily, and here!