It’s a time for spooky tales, dressing up and lots and lots of candy. The kids are probably already  excited to make plans for this eerie tradition, but when it comes to your dog and Halloween, you need to,


The canine species can be a mastermind at getting into things they are not supposed to, which can be hazardous to your pup’s well being. In this post, we have dug up 5 things to protect your dog from on Halloween. You may be surprised at number three.

# 1 Chocolate, Candy & Gum, Oh, My!


We’ve probably all heard by now that chocolate is (in all flavors and forms) bad for our dog’s health. The key component that makes it hazardous? Theobromine. This is found in the largest quantities in dark chocolate with milk and white chocolate falling in behind.

If your dog consumes chocolate in sufficient amounts (which will vary from pooch-to-pooch), he could experience rapid breathing, vomiting, diarrhea, an increase in body temperature and heart rate as well as muscle rigidity and possible death.

Okay, so chocolate is bad, but what’s up with the candy and gum?

These delectable treats are loaded with sugar, which over time and in large quantities can lead to weight gain, oral issues, and possible diabetes. However, sugar isn’t the terrifying villain in this duo. It’s a chemical called Xylitol found in the sugarless varieties of candy and gum that can do the most harm to a curious canine.

Xylitol even in the smallest dose can cause a drop in your dog’s blood sugar, seizures, liver failure and even death. Plus, the wrappers hiding sweet treats could pose a choking hazard.

# 2 Open Doors Equal Easy Escape

Trick-or-treaters go from home-to-home looking for a sweet reward. But remember each time you open that door to a spooky ghost or super hero, your dog has a chance to slip out. This is more true for those pets that are upset or over-excited due to all the commotion.

To prevent Fido from fleeing, be sure to crate him or keep him comfy and cozy in a different area of your house. And just to be on the safe side, make sure your dog has his ID tags safe and secure around his neck.

# 3 Cute Costumes Can Be Counterproductive

The big pet retailers sell oodles of adorable costumes we can dress our dogs up in to join the kids on the big night. But remember when you choose that fairy or monster costume that your dog needs to be able to move, see, hear, and breathe freely in this get-up.

To prevent a fun night from becoming a trip to the veterinarian, do a test run with your costume-clad canine. Let him wear it in the house under your full supervision to see if any of the areas mentioned above may be restricted.

If it can be adjusted, then go ahead do so. If not, you may want to take a quick pic, then scrap the costume.

# 4 Candles & Decor, a Dangerous Duo

What would Halloween be without a little spooky ambiance to enhance the night? Whether it be a scary jack-o-lantern lit up with a-fright, or cardboard, plastic and even floral centerpieces these can all be dangerous to a dog if chewed up and swallowed.

Depending on what your pooch consumed, holiday decor can pose a choking hazard or may even cause a blockage of the intestinal tract. And of course, an open flame in the form of a candle is never a good idea around a curious pup.

Be sure to keep all Halloween decor well away from your dog and try flameless candles. These last longer, won’t blow out, don’t melt and pose no risk to child or pet.

# 5 Pranksters & Pets Don’t Mix

Blog Prankster

Unfortunately, Halloween tends to bring out those people that are intent on harming. Whether this is for fun or folly, your fur baby shouldn’t be in their path.

Keep your pets inside on Halloween night or make sure they are supervised when outdoors. This is especially true if your pets are black. Both dogs and cats have been targeted on this night and the night before (All Hallows’ Eve) so keep them close to home under your watchful eye.

Keep ‘Em Safe & Sound

Whether it be from sweet treats, open doors, decor or pranksters, keeping your pets safe and sound on Halloween is a must-do. Be aware of the dangerous aspects of this tradition, then take preventative measures against them.

Keeping your canine companion tucked away with his favorite food, toys, and blanket will ensure he stays happy and healthy.


This article was written by our friend & editor, Alexandra Segal over at – The Amazing World of Dogs!